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Principal Electrical Engineer
3rd December 1959

Address: 36 Arduthie Gardens, Edinview Estate, Stonehaven, Scotland, AB39 2NG

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BSc (Hon) (Upper 2nd) Electrical & Electronic Engineer
Chartered Engineer

Sigma 3 (North Sea) Ltd, COA Platform SOLAR generator upgrades including load share systems and electrical control change out for new fire-pump.Wood Group, Forties Power Ring Project, Connection of 5 Forties Platforms to Maximise use of Installed Generation and Minimise Fuel Gas Usage.
I have 23 years experience in the electrical engineering industry covering the design, commissioning, maintenance and safety of both isolated (platform) and grid supplied power systems. I spent 9 years with YARD Ltd in Glasgow and later spent time at Halliburton Ltd (total of 3 years), McDermott Engineering Europe Ltd (total of 5 years) and AMEC Process & Energy Ltd (total of 2 years), 3 years with AkerKvaerner Ltd.

June 2006 – Date Sigma 3 (North Sea) Ltd

Principal Engineer
Principal electrical engineer working on design and installation of SOLAR generator turbine upgrade package including replacement of main turbine control panels, changes to load shedding/sharing panels, electrical HV switchgear mimic control panel, battery charging systems, turbine starting motor variable speed drives etc.

Re-rating of existing generators and change of protection settings to suit.

Replacement fire-pump electrical control changes including first use of maintained supply electronic governing system on a Shell platform and rewire of all starting control systems.

Jan 2005 – June 2005 Wood Group Ltd

Principal Engineer
Principal electrical engineer working on design and installation of Forties 33kV Power Ring connecting Forties Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo platforms including specification of 33kV switchboards, 11kV switchboards, 33/11kV transformers, neutral earthiing transformers. Workpack production for installation of equipment. Protection settings carried out by external specialists.

Aug 2004 – December 2004 AMEC Ltd

Principal Engineer
Principal electrical engineer working on power systems studies (ETAP Software), protection study (PowerPlot Software) and general package engineering support for new De Ruyter platform build in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. Project wound up early by client and design moved to Netherlands.

April 2001 – July 2004 Aker Kvaerner Offshore Partner Limited

Principal Engineer
Principal electrical engineer working on feed study for Amerada Hess’s Perth-over -Scott subsea tieback project. Work involves purchase of two HV switchboard extensions 13.8kV and 6.6kV, purchase of five HV drive motors 3.5MW to 500kW, modification of 30 LV cubicles to suit new loads, purchase of 3.5MW, 13.8kV VSD, purchase of 110V UPS, lighting, PA, Alarms etc associated with new Perth module.

Lead Electrical engineer working on Britannia platform expansion to bring on-board five new subsea fields (BRITSATS project). Work involved new generation, power management system, HV switchboard, LV switchboards, new distribution transformers and investigation of the requirement for an IS limiter. Working on initial bid for bridge link option for BRITSATS.

Principal/Lead Electrical engineer for all Talisman modifications.

Principal Electrical Engineer working for Bluewater Pierce Water Injection Project, main responsibilities include specification and procurement of 8MW LCI variable speed drive and investigation of harmonic distortion effects caused by this new drive and required mitigation strategies (filters).

Oct 1999 – April 2001 AMEC Process and Energy Ltd

Lead/Senior Engineer
Package Engineer for Mobil’s Skene Gas Compression Module with particular responsibility for the specification, bid evaluation and interface requirements of a 24 pulse, 14MW VSD for the main gas compressor. The interface requirements include protection, harmonic distortion analysis and tie-ins to the new power management system. Carried out safety review of all electrical aspects of the compressor motor drive systems.

Package engineer for 5.2MW electric heater unit and associated 3.3kV pump motors for pipeline fluid heating.

Lead Engineer for BP Federal projects covering all BP works managed out of AMEC’s Aberdeen offices.

April 1998 – Oct 1999 Halliburton Ltd

Senior Engineer / Project Engineer
General workpack production and equipment specification, with particular responsibility for BP’s Schiehallion FPSO and ETAP platform facilities.

Carried out electrical safety and design review of Schiehallion gas compression systems and made recommendations for improvements to meet the design intent.

Carried out load study of ETAP platform systems to determine availability of spare generation for use in an additional gas compression train for provision of additional gas lift.

Technical input to a study of the cost savings to be made in supplying BP Forties field via a 1.3GW dc link to shore. Power was to be supplied from Hydro Electric’s Peterhead power-station/grid connection point.

Project Engineer covering BP electrical work on ETAP platform, also responsible for carrying out electrical safety reviews of all BP projects.

Feb 1998 – April 1998 AMEC Process and Energy Ltd

Senior Engineer
General workpack production and equipment specification with particular emphasis on work for Shell’s Cormorant Alpha and Dunlin Alpha platforms, including power systems analysis studies, additional generation requirements and electrical protection systems.

Feb 1992 – Jan 1998 McDermott Engineering (Europe) Ltd

Senior / Lead Engineer
General workpack production including vendor bid analysis and factory acceptance tests for major items of electrical equipment.

Production of costed report on the feasibility of applying downhole pump technology to several wells on Shell’s Dunlin Alpha platform. The report included discussion of operability, power system disturbances, harmonic distortion and hazardous safety aspects. Presented report to Shell.

Design, build and safety supervision of a 3.3 kV, 1 MW alternator supplied fire pump module. Commissioning of module HVAC units, transformer, alternator, engine batteries, starter unit and charger unit. Production of planned maintenance routines for all equipment.

Major works on Cormorant Alpha (COA) platform including Replacement Permanent Living Quarters (RPLQ). Also responsible for specifying the power systems studies required to prove new 7.5MW process drive electrical design acceptability to the client and Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Carrying out and reporting on safety review of emergency lighting and power systems on offshore platform; report presented as part of platform safety case to Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Responsibility for carrying out/overseeing all Shell Northern Business Unit power generation and distribution systems study work including loadflows, transient stabilities, and harmonic penetration of networks.

Oct 1990 - Feb 1992 Brown & Root Ltd

Senior Engineer
BP Kinneil Terminal Expansion Project in Grangemouth, Scotland. Responsible for the specification and bid evaluation of trace heating systems, power system studies, five new LV motor control centres (MCCs) and modifications to existing LV switchboards. Also provision of technical input to the specification for a slip power recovery HV drive.

Production of LV single lines and LV schematics.

Production of all documentation required by trace heating designers including piping line list, DB schedules, piping isometrics and general arrangements. Checking of trace heating design documents and answering of all technical queries arising.

Specification of the power system studies required to prove design acceptability to client. External specialists performed these studies and they included fault levels, loadflows, transients and harmonic investigations. Liaison with vendor to agree acceptable simplifications in model representations, additional areas of study in response to initial findings and content of final report.

1985 - 1990 Yard Ltd

Responsible for the co-ordination, and technical content of general engineering works, nuclear support systems reliability studies, computer aided studies, specifications and technical/safety design reviews for many varied industrial networks

1982 – 1985 Yard Ltd

Design Engineer
Responsible to consultants and senior consultants for project input and that of any assistant design engineers in my charge for specific projects.

1982 – 1990

Yard projects included the origination of specifications and general engineering work as listed below.

Shell Expro
Designed an improved underwater electrical and telemetry connector for Shell’s COA Underwater Manifold Centre (UMC) supplying a seabed satellite well installation. Included an investigation into long term power supply options for a downhole monitoring package requiring no physical connections to the wellhead.

Carried out technical/safety review of the 6.6kV/660V/440V systems on Shell's Kittiwake platform to ensure the high integrity electrical power generation and distribution concept was not comprised during fabrication. Produced report and made recommendations to improve safety and reliability of the generation and UPS systems.

Property Services Agency
Electrical refurbishment of 6 MW steam generating plant providing heating for a large naval base, boiler sequencing control added and commissioned. Protection grading for the plants’ electrical system and energy audit of site offices carried out.

For some of the above projects I was seconded to various sites for trials and commissioning participation. Work included:

Property Services Agency
Onsite harmonic measurements on an 11kV distribution system, produced measurement and switching schedules, calibrated CTs and VTs up to 50th harmonic and took part in trials.

Scottish Development Agency
Onsite measurement of voltage disturbances on the supply to a large air conditioning plant. Wrote measurement and switching schedules for these trials.

British Aerospace
Testing and commissioning of weapons barge equipment including motors, transformers and cables.

In addition to general engineering, I have worked as a core member of a project team responsible for the production of computer aided analysis work, including report writing and making presentations to clients. These studies included:

Norske Shell
Proposed platform power system was analysed at the predesign stage to determine whether fault current zeros would be produced within 3 cycles of a busbar fault.

Changes in main generator reactances were proposed to meet this requirement. Wrote report and presented findings to Norske Shell. (Troll field).

Hawker Siddeley Power Engineering
Harmonic analysis of a complete oilfield installation with grid and local generation. (Colombian oilfield).

North East Shipbuilders Limited
Modelling of a supply system containing a split reactor to determine whether such devices could be used to suppress the harmonic distortion present onboard ferries with large converter drives.

Property Services Agency
Investigation and remedy of voltage fluctuations on a large grid supplied system. Fluctuations at 132kV, 33kV, 11kV, and 415V were studied.

Ministry of Defence
Time domain computer modelling of dc motor starts on isolated dc generators. Time domain computer modelling of a buffer circuit for use in a 300 V battery supplied 1 MW dc system. The development of power system analysis software.

National Nuclear Corporation
Reliability analysis of analogue circuit breaker trip unit for nuclear safety case report. Presented report findings to the Nuclear Safety Review Board of MOD(N).

Shell Expro
Computer modelling of electrical systems on an underwater manifold centre for the purpose of fault finding without costly diver intervention.

Coal Products Limited
Computer modelling of a private power generation system for the purpose of proving its suitability for connection to the local grid under all normal conditions.

Yarrow Shipbuilding Limited
Computer modelling of results of AVR failure modes in an isolated power system.




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